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How to get better at ANYTHING as quickly as possible!

A few people are lucky to have a lot of talent for a specific skill and seem to progress very quickly without a lot of effort. For the rest of us, it’s best to make an intelligent effort to progress quickly.

There’s so much information available today that the only real limiting factors are time and motivation. Still, there is a smart way to do anything. With the proper approach, you can develop mastery at the highest possible rate!

Follow this process and be amazed at what you can do:

  1. Educate yourself. Whether you want to master fundraising for a charity, the piano, cooking, gardening, or learning a language, there are hundreds of books on the topic. There are also podcasts, videos, and courses on your area of interest.

● Read three books on the topic. Avoid just reading the book. Take notes, too. Find three popular books on your topic and educate yourself.

● Watch two videos. There are plenty of videos online to choose from. Find an expert and see what they have to say.

● Listen to one podcast. Podcasts have never been more popular. Find an expert in your field of interest and listen.

● Look for the recurring themes in all the educational sources you use. These are the foundational items that are the most important to master.

● Learning and getting better at anything are active processes. Look for these recurring themes rather than digesting the information passively.

  1. Find a mentor. Mentors make everything happen faster. They know what matters and what doesn’t. They know all the obstacles you’re likely to face. They can provide focus, encouragement, and most importantly, feedback.

● A mentor can take the form of a coach, teacher, guru, expert, or whatever term resonates with you.

  1. Practice. It’s challenging to improve at anything without practice. The more you practice the better you’ll become. The more you practice, the faster you’ll improve.

● Practice with intention. Know what you’re trying to accomplish before you begin practicing. You might be working on learning all the Russian words associated with ordering in a restaurant. Or maybe your intention is to learn the A sharp minor scale on the guitar.

● Practice with an effective frequency. Practicing the piano multiple times each day is better than practicing just once a day. While it would be nice to work on your public speaking skills multiple times each day, that might not be practical or even possible.

● Practice with focus. Your practice time is much less effective if you’re not paying 100% attention to what you’re doing.

  1. Evaluate. Did you slice your drive out of bounds? Why did it happen? How consistent are your quarter notes? How accurate is your French accent? How is your public speaking coming along?

● Some things you can test yourself, like your Spanish vocabulary. Other things will require the evaluation of someone with more expertise than you have. This is why it’s so great to have a mentor, teacher, or coach.

  1. Practice more. Take what you’ve learned and practice some more. Frequent practice is the key to progress.

If you learn, practice, evaluate, and continue to repeat the process, you’ll improve as fast as humanly possible. The only limits are your time, focus, the quality of your mentor, and ultimately, your talent.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the value of how much you practice and how much focus you bring to the task. These are under your control and are the practical limiting factors the vast majority of the time.

With time, effort, and an intelligent approach, you can progress at anything at the highest possible rate.

What Network Marketers FEAR most of all is…..

When I first got into network marketing, I was told by the “higher-ups” (my upline leaders & heavy hitters, and industry gurus) that it is the “fear of rejection” that causes most network marketers to “not take action” to build their business.

But as the years have gone by, I’ve talked with many thousands of network marketers from all over the country (and world), and I now have a new belief regarding what it is that network marketers fear most.

Before I tell you what it is that network marketers fear most, I want to first add clarity to two things:

1. THE FEAR OF REJECTIONI believe that the “fear of rejection” is real for those network marketers who go after their “warm market” (family and friends). Even I had the “fear of rejection” when I was going after family and friends. After all, nobody, not even me, wants to get a “no” from a friend or relative. As many of us have experienced, if you go after your warm market long and hard enough, you eventually join the “NFL Club” (“No Friends Left”).

However, when an astute and enlightened network marketer recruits other network marketers from Target Market Leads Lists, then there is absolutely no reason why that network marketer should choose to fear rejection. (The key word in the previous sentence is “choose”.) Instead, they should embrace rejection, as rejection is inevitable; it’s going to happen as one moves towards earning $10,000+ a month. Once I learned to go after network marketers, I never once had the “fear of rejection”; it totally disappeared (by CHOICE!).

2. THE FEAR OF FAILURE AND/OR SUCCESSSome people have a “fear of failure” just as some people have a “fear of success”. Neither of these fears are genetic; both of these fears are personal choices.
If a network marketer truly desires to succeed and make $10,000+ a month, then it makes no sense whatsoever — it is totally illogical — for that person to choose to have a “fear of failure” and/or a “fear of success”. So . . . what is it that network marketers fear most of all? What they fear most of all is change.

Even when a network marketer learns how to “play the game of network marketing” and they learn to recruit other network marketers just like the Master Distributors and Top Earners, they often times still fear change. Studies show that around 65-75% of people fear change, meaning that they don’t like to leave their comfort zone or do so sporadically. This fear of change causes some network marketers to not invest in their business, or they invest in such a list but they don’t make the calls, or send traffic to build their business or they make a few calls but stop because they choose to become distracted or they get a few “no’s” and decide it’s not worth it. And so on and so on. It all comes down to the choices we make.

The fear of change isn’t in our genetics; it’s a choice a person makes. A person CHOOSES to have a fear of change. So, if you choose to have the “fear of change”, then simply reverse it and choose to “embrace and welcome change”. I assure you that if you choose to embrace change, and if you choose get to work doing those things that lead to success (such as investing in a Target Market Leads List, making calls, following up, etc.), that when you’re succeeding in network marketing you’ll look back at your past “fear of change” and you’ll say with a chuckle, “That sure was silly of me!”

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