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To succeed in network marketing….just copy what the sport teams do!

All professional sports teams fill their roster with athletes who have already played that particular sport. Through the annual player drafts, the signing of free agents, and the trading of players, the NFL goes after football players, the NBA goes after basketball players, MLB goes after baseball players, and NHL goes after hockey players.

The same thing goes for college athletic teams. College football teams, basketball teams, baseball teams, softball teams, volleyball teams, etc. etc. all recruit young men and women from high school who have already played that particular sport.

College athletic teams do not recruit young men and women who have never played that particular sport. No professional or college team fills their roster with athletes who have never played that particular sport. Because if a team did such a stupid and illogical thing, they would lose every single game. They simply would not be able to compete with the other teams who filled their roster with experienced athletes.

Sadly, almost all new network marketers are taught to recruit anyone and everyone from their warm market, then biz opp seekers, etc. etc., regardless if those people have never done network marketing. Is it any wonder why so many people fail in network marketing???? In network marketing, the Master Distributors build their big downlines by going after people who have already done network marketing. In other words, they go after people who have “already played the game” of network marketing.

Same thing goes for the overwhelming majority of the industry’s Top Earners; they recruited other network marketers to build their big downlines. Consider this fact: there is only one reason why a new network marketing company recruits and then signs on a Master Distributor (and pays them a handsome monthly salary from day one); it is to build a big downline quickly. To achieve this objective, the Master Distributor (who has already had success in the industry by virtue of already having built one or more large downlines), only recruits other network marketers, starting first with those network marketers they already know from previous companies.

When a Top Earner changes companies (for whatever reason), they almost always join a company that’s just getting started (so as to capitalize on the “timing factor”), but more important is that they ONLY recruit other network marketers to build their next downline. One thing that’s important to note is that Master Distributors and experienced Top Earners already know lots of network marketers they can recruit. Hence, they have a sort of “warm market” (people they already know) that consists of network marketers. Obviously, this gives them a huge “head start” to build a large downline quickly. (This is sort of a “secret” that the Master Distributors and Top Earners don’t want known, because they believe the “beginners” in their downline will get discouraged and quit.) I, however, believe that a beginning network marketer should be told the truth about how to build a big downline quickly. As I told many of those people I signed into my downline, “We’re going to do what the big boys and girls do. We’re going to do what the Master Distributors and Top Guns do. And that is that we’re going after other network marketers.

You’ll start by going after those network marketers you already know, regardless of how many or how few you know. As soon as you go through that list, then you’re going to recruit from Targeting other network marketers. To succeed in network marketing, you simply copy what the professional sports teams do to build their teams, and that is that you’re going to go after people who already know how to “play the game” of network marketing by virtue of the fact that they’ve already been in network marketing at one time or another.

How to get motivated & STAY motivated!

I’ve long believed that “motivation” (being “motivated” to do something) comes entirely from within a person (we make the choice to do it) while “inspiration” comes from outside a person (we are inspired by something). With this in mind, I’m often asked by struggling network marketers these two questions: “How do I get motivated?” and “How do I stay motivated?” There have been thousands of books written and audio programs recorded on the topic of “motivation”.

People routinely spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to attend “self-improvement programs”, some of which are several days to several weeks long, put on by famous gurus, to find a way to get themselves “motivated” to go achieve something big.

Two critical questions for all success-seeking network marketers: “How do I get motivated?” and “How do I stay motivated?” When these two questions are posed to me, I’ll ask that person, “Are you asking me how to get the ‘fire in your belly’ so that you get off your butt and recruit and build your business?” They always answer with “Yes! That’s what I want to know!” Here’s what I tell them . . . I tell them that you can’t get motivated and stay motivated from a slogan, a quote, a photo, a movie, a song, a poster, a trinket, a statue, etc.

I tell them that while those sorts of material things can indeed “inspire” them, those sorts of things do not motivate because motivation must always come from within a person, that the motivation they seek is a choice they make to do something.

I tell them, “The motivation you seek is something that’s already inside of you. It’s lying there dormant, waiting to be awaken. It’s ‘deep-seeded’ within you, it’s down deep inside of you, it’s way beneath the surface, just waiting to be called into action It’s the unfinished business, the things we want to achieve, the ‘stuff in the basement’ as Rocky Balboa famously said before he began training for a fight as a 60+-year-old man.”

To awaken that motivation that’s already inside a person, and to be motivated on an ongoing basis, a person must establish a clear purpose. That purpose is something a person chooses to MUST HAVE and WILL HAVE. For example, it’s the difference between someone saying, “I want to lose 30lbs” (PASSIVE-WEAK) versus saying “I must and I will lose 30lbs” (PROACTIVE-POWERFUL).

It’s the difference between a network marketer saying, “I want to make $10,000 a month with network marketing” (PASSIVE-WEAK) versus saying “I must and I will make $10,000 a month in network marketing” (PROACTIVE-POWERFUL). It’s the difference between saying “I want to make 100 calls today” (PASSIVE-WEAK) versus saying “I must and I will make 100 calls today” (PROACTIVE-POWERFUL).

It’s the difference between saying “I want to invest in a leads list full of network marketers to build my business” (PASSIVE-WEAK) versus saying “I must and I will invest in a leads list full of network marketers so I can build my business” (PROACTIVE-POWERFUL).

In closing, there’s one critically important thing about getting motivated and staying motivated, and it’s this: When a person lives in the “present moment”, then getting motivated and staying motivated happens automatically. Because when a person is in the present moment, then they are truly “being”.

The New Year’s Resolution of Network Marketers.

I went to the gym to work out at the beginning of this month on Saturday morning and it was packed with people. I went there early this morning before I came to the office, and the crowd began to dwindle with people.
Year after year, the #1 New Year’s Resolution is to “lose weight”. Hence, that’s why gyms are packed in January.

But towards the end of January, the number of people going to gyms begins to diminish. By early to late February the number of people going to a gym will be back to normal. As for all of those people who made the resolution to “lose weight”, most of them gave up on fulfilling their resolution.Each year at this time, Network Marketers also make resolutions such as: 1) recruit new people every day, 2) dial numbers of prospects every day, 3) keep the recruiting pipeline filled, 4) stay focused, 5) be more responsible, and 6) be more motivated. Network Marketers, too, have made the commitment to stick to a plan to fulfill their resolutions.

But the same thing that happens to most of those people in the gyms also happens to network marketers. By mid-January most network marketers aren’t doing what they planned to do. And by early to late February, most network marketers have totally dropped the ball with regards to all that they had “planned” to do for the New Year.

The way to stick to our plans and fulfill our New Year’s Resolutions is by maintaining self-control and self-discipline. That’s it. Nothing more. Both self-control and self-discipline are a mind-set that we choose to have. Both take resolve and repetition. It’s not a passive endeavor. It’s an aggressive endeavor. It’s a choice we make. Moving from ‘desire’ to actually doing what you planned to do (i.e., your resolutions and goals) is only achieved with self-discipline.

If and when you aren’t doing what you set out to do, then have the honesty and ‘thick-skin’ to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I was not self-disciplined.” Then, simply muster up the self-discipline to get back to doing what you set out to do and build this awesome business! Self-discipline is a choice we make internally. It doesn’t come from outside of us. It’s a choice we make, over and over again, many times a day.

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